GALLERY The Old Silk Road: Zhangye

Located in the far northwest of China, in the middle of the long Hexi corridor that traces the old Silk Road, Zhangye city is a historic outpost of the Chinese empire that acted as an “arm to the West”, and guarded inner China from invading nomadic tribes.

The roads surrounding it hold wind-battered sections of the Great Wall, great stretches of wild desert, and the breathtaking Danxia rock formations.


  1. Wow!
    Wow and wow!
    1. Is the second pic a wind-battered section of the Great Wall? If so, there’s not a lot of it there.
    2. Some of those rocky canyons remind me of the Rose-Red City.
    3. Were all of these taken on your bike ride? If so, I guess that I picked up on it when you were already well on the way.


    • Hi Mike! Sorry I missed this before –

      1. Yes! ISn’t it amazing – this was one of the more complete turrets – the B road between Jiayuguan and Zhangye cities (the G213) in Gansu province must trace the old Wall because riding along it for 100km I saw many ruins like it.

      2. The rock is sandstone I believe, a very nice colour and the scale was the amazing thing, you feel like an ant looking out on / up at the formations

      3. Yes all on the site posted after August 2020 are bike ride photos. My route was from Dunhuang in Gansu in the northeast (near ish to Russia) to Guangzhou (Canton) on the south coast, 4100km


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